What is a Sister School?

Sister School partnerships are a meaningful, reciprocal and long-term partnership between two schools aimed at fulfilling a range of purposes as determined by the school communities.  Sister School partnerships are helping to open the eyes of our students to other places and broadening their perspectives.  They help us enhance student language learning and build sensitivity and awareness for people of other cultures. 


Sister Schools have also been key in helping to meet many of our needs at GSCA.  They have been known to take on project needs such as collecting jeans, notebooks, and other school supplies, and they have also participated in fundraisers such as Spirit Nights, change collection challenges, and having crazy hair days where the students pay a small fee to contribute toward our needs.  In return, our students are constantly writing letters and doing projects to send to our Sister Schools, so that their students may also become aware of our students and culture at GSCA.

Testimonials From Some of Our Sister Schools and Districts

Miss Sabrina's Class

Sabrina is one of our LEAD teachers who taught 5th grade last year.  Her class was able to connect with one of our Sister Schools, Prodigy Leadership Academy in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The students all studied the same novel and discussed it via Skype once a week.  It was  so exciting for our students in Honduras and students in the United States to get to know one another virtually and to be united in the themes expressed in this novel.

Downingtown Area School District

One teacher in Pennsylvania had her Spanish students put together videos about their school, while our students created a Culture Box of traditional Honduran items to show to their school.  Our students at GSCA enjoy making connections from around the world and learning about other schools!


“Here are some videos my students from last year made in June.   They had such fun creating videos of their lives in and around the school.  Hopefully your students can get a great look at the school,  and be able to glimpse into their lives a bit. Enjoy them!!  Thank you so much for the culture box, it is wonderful to be able to share authentic items, and my students loved the letters and they are displayed in my classroom for all to view."