Want to be a GSCA Teacher?

GSCA Teachers work at Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA), which is located on the campus of Good Shepherd Children's Home (GSCH).  Most GSCA Teachers also live on the GSCH campus, which means that they are able to make a huge impact both inside and outside of the classroom.


Some of our very talented students (residents of GSCH) became news anchors for a day to teach you about their Home and about the impact GSCA Teachers have made on their lives.  Click below to see GSCH Newsroom!  To see more videos about GSCA, visit our YouTube channel, GSCA Teachers.

Impact the Future

The GSCA Teachers at Good Shepherd Christian Academy are volunteer teachers who feel called to serve the Lord through education. Adhering to the mission of GSCA, they love, equip, assist and disciple students while providing a high quality, bilingual education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GSCA Teachers are encouraged to teach for the students’ futures, not to a standardized test.


GSCA Teachers are also provided a unique opportunity to share their personal testimonies and faith in the classroom and lead students through Bible study and prayer times.  Since the goal is to immerse students in the English language, all classroom instruction is conducted in English (Spanish skills are not a requirement to teach).  GSCA Teachers are considered volunteers of Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International and are expected to raise financial support to fulfill their year-long commitment. They serve under the supervision and direction of the GSCA Directors, Udo & Tabatha Mohr and Coordinator of our North American Teachers, Claire Bassett.


Throughout the academic year, teachers are immersed into Honduran culture, experiencing the rewards of serving on the Mission Field, while also having the opportunity to explore the country through guided excursions. A Bachelor’s Degree (of any field) is required for GSCA Teachers, and a teaching certificate is preferred.

There is always something happening in the lives of our GSCA Teachers.  We created our YouTube channel, GSCA Teachers, to document the fun.  Check out a few of our most recent videos below!

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