History of GSCA

Good Shepherd Christian Academy was founded in the year 2000 by BMDMI missionary Laurie Johnson.  The school started on the porch of the house that was then all that existed of Good Shepherd Children's Home.

Since GSCA's humble beginnings in 2000, God has provided us with many blessings and much growth.  Founder Laurie Johnson was able to watch GSCA grow from a one-room schoolhouse into the multiple facilities we have today, which include 11 classrooms, an office and teachers' lounge, a library, a computer lab, an Extra Training Center (ETC building), a Sports Facility, and a teachers' Resource Room.

In June of 2016, Laurie Johnson retired from GSCA director.

Brooke Pizzati served as director from 2016-2018.

Rebecca Bennett served from 2018-2019.

Currently, Udo and Tabatha Mohr serves as joint directors of GSCA.

In the early days, all of the students' education was in Spanish, but it became evident that a bilingual education (English and Spanish) would help the students succeed even more in their futures.  In Honduras, an English education is often more valuable than a college diploma.  Understanding how valuable English skills would be for the students of GSCA, Laurie Johnson began the Bilingual Program in 2012 with K4 through 1st grade.

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In 2014, former BMDMI missionary Brooke Pizzati joined the team as the Bilingual Director and founded the LEAD Teacher Program, which was started to recruit English-speaking teachers from the USA. In 2019 the program was renamed to GSCA Teacher Program, to unify our Honduran and US teachers.  Our GSCA Teachers not only teach the core subjects in the classroom, but is also source of  Related Arts classes and Sports programs. GSCA Teachers have made and will continue to make a huge impact at Good Shepherd Christian Academy.