Mission, Vision, & Educational Philosophy



At Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA), we are dedicated to providing a high quality, bilingual education, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is preparing students for a bright future. We are the TIGERS!

Together: Everyone in our school community is responsible for the educational, spiritual, and developmental growth of our students. We accomplish this by partnering with the Good Shepherd Children's Home (GSCH), student parents, surrounding community, and our Christian Community in the United States.

Inspire: GSCA is blessed to serve with dedicated Honduran and North American teachers that help to inspire, equip, and develop our students. Our staff is devoted to cultivating our students' spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth in the pursuit of developing responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Growing: At GSCA we seek to create developmentally appropriate, engaging activities and lessons for our growing students. All school community members must be mindful of the physical, social, and mental developmental growth that occurs for our students.


We will have a peaceful, productive and orderly learning environment that meets academic, social and developmental needs of all of our students. Our vision is to join with the Good Shepherd Children’s Home, the parents, and surrounding community to assist all students, regardless of background, in achieving success in primary school while preparing them for secondary school and life beyond.


GSCA strives to be a school where…

Students: Students are offered opportunities to participate in learning experiences, founded on the Word of God, that helps them grow, including exceptional core content, art, PE, and technology applications. Core content includes reading and writing regularly, thinking critically, math and science application to real world circumstances, and comprehending human interaction through social studies and civicas. GSCA students must be sympathetic and kind to each other, treating others with respect, while seeking to learn to communicate, listen well, and consider others. They come to school on time, be prepared to learn, and work hard daily to get the most out of their learning opportunities.


Staff: Our GSCA staff is caring, friendly, and kind. Team members put student needs first in all decision making. Staff provide help, support, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration for students and other staff members. They use effective communication measures with parents to keep everyone updated regarding student progress. Team members pursue growth in order to provide an innovative and creative learning environment. We go above and beyond to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for them to succeed.  

Parents/Guardians: Parents and guardians are welcome and active partners in their student’s education by participating to the extent they are able. Parents/Guardians work closely with teachers by communicating regularly about their children and supporting their children at home to complete projects and homework. They ensure that children are at school each day on time so they are able to get maximum benefits from their learning opportunities. Parents/Guardians are a huge part of the continual improvement of their student’s education process by actively sharing ideas, concerns, and participating in improvement efforts.

Administrative and Support Staff: Our administration works to support teachers with resources, guidance, and assistance in order to enable teachers to meet students’ needs and encourage Spiritual growth. They remain actively engaged in the school, spend time in classrooms, work with students, and support the work of the teachers. They support a positive environment by working to ensure that all team members and students uphold our shared values of working hard, respecting authority, loving others, and forgiving quickly. Our administration communicates and listens to team members, parents, and community members in order to understand various viewpoints.

Educated:  GSCA is dedicated to teaching and educating according to Honduran Academic Standards and the Word of God. We are committed to the development of independent learners who value academic excellence and a relationship with Jesus.

Respectful: The GSCA school community centers its entire character program around the significance of respect. If the school community upholds respect, all other character traits will follow.

Students: GSCA appreciates all students who are members of our school community. We willingly accept diversity, varying cognitive abilities, and individualism as strengthening elements of our school. Our students are the future!

Educational Philosophy


GSCA Philosophy

Our students come to us from various backgrounds, many of them very difficult. Therefore, we are not only instructing our children intellectually, but we are also working to teach them spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development. Our instruction promotes a Biblical worldview in that it can be said of our students what was said of Jesus that they “grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52


Bilingual Program

The bilingual program started in 2012, with a first grade class. Those first graders recently graduated as our highest bilingual class. It is our intent to teach each of these students the English language and the content of their courses. Our standards are set high. We believe the students will rise to the challenge we set. We accomplish this through dynamic classes that integrate multiple learning styles. We combine book work with hands-on learning. We use songs, visuals, and fun to accomplish our standards. Since the majority of our students are ESL learners, meeting these standards requires patience, repetition, and unique teaching approaches to lessons. 


Core Values

In addition to intellectual goals that are set by the standards, we want our students to develop socially, personally, physically, and spiritually. We do this by implementing the following core values:

Work Hard 

Respect Authority 

Love Others 

Forgive Quickly